21 Chair Exercises For Seniors: A Comprehensive Visual Guide Pt 3

21 Chair Exercises For Seniors: A Comprehensive Visual Guide Pt 2
February 12, 2020
21 Chair Exercises For Seniors: A Comprehensive Visual Guide Pt 4
February 26, 2020
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21 Chair Exercises For Seniors: A Comprehensive Visual Guide Pt 3

This is the third in a series of 12 articles provided by  “California Mobility – a family-owned and operated company specializing in installing stairlifts for the elderly. The company was founded in 2018 in Sacramento, CA.” Each week we will provide two to four of the exercises for your use.


Seated Chest Press

Difficulty Sets/Reps Time
Easy 2-3/8-12 4 Minutes

An exercise that not only uses chest muscles but also the shoulders and triceps, this is known as a compound movement because of the variety of muscles used at once. This is good for a variety of reasons, one being that a loved one doesn’t have to do a multitude of other exercises just to get similar results.


  1. Grab a resistance band.
  2. Place the resistance band at a point on the chair where it’s directly behind the back just under where the shoulder blades would be. Ensure that the resistance band isn’t able to move on the back of the chair; moving it during the exercise can result in injury or target the wrong muscle groups. To keep it secure, think of using a strong clip or pin or try having a family member of the senior’s help install a couple of shelving brackets to the back of the chair to keep the band positioned appropriately.
  3. Sit comfortably in the chair with the hips as far back as possible. Ensure that the back is firm to the backrest of the chair.
  4. Keep the core (abs and lumbar) tight. Stick the chest out.
  5. Keep both palms down, elbows bent and parallel to the shoulders. Both hands should be positioned just outside of shoulder width.
  6. Push the resistance band forward until the arms are fully extended in front of the body (don’t touch hands together).
  7. Slowly revert back to starting position.

Note: If a chair cannot be modified for the resistance band or there isn’t enough tension, the band can be wrapped around another stable device such as a post or beam.


Modified Push-Ups

Difficulty Sets/Reps Time
Advanced 2-3/8-12 5 Minutes


  1. Stand to face the chair straight with the body.
  2. Place both hands on the sides of the chair’s seat. Keeping both arms slightly bent at the elbows, shift both feet backward a couple of feet until the body is in a diagonal position in front of the chair. Make sure that the buttocks isn’t high in the air, nor that the back is arched. The body should be in a straight line from shoulder to heel. If a senior is feeling resistance (tension) in their core, then they’re in the correct position. The elbows should be close to the sides of the body.
  3. Slowly bend the elbows, moving the body closer to the chair.
  4. Once the chin has almost touched the chair (or as close to the chair as possible), push back to starting position.

Note: Place the chair against a wall for more support.


21 Chair Exercises for Seniors: A Comprehensive Visual Guide