Experiencing JOY in a Covid Christmas

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December 4, 2020
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January 7, 2021
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Experiencing JOY in a Covid Christmas

Christmas 2020. I’m hearing the continued and recurring theme in comments and conversation exclaiming this the worst year, and expressing, “can’t wait til this year is over.”
Hmm. Not terribly festive, is it? All the grumbling of covid and quarantine and cancelled activities certainly doesn’t shout, “Joy!” or “Peace on Earth!” or even “Merry.” And yet, here we are. The calendar has flipped to December, carols resound over the radio, shining trees are popping up in homes and offices, and advertisements are shouting about all the things we need and deserve this holiday season.
It’s Christmas! 2020.
Again, I ruminate with a… hmm…
Christmas has always made me smile. Yes, I like the lights and the carols, but what I like even more is that whole “peace” part. Not the quiet house, hush of a fallen snow kind of peace, rather the Christ is the ultimate gift, here for me kind of peace.
I’m sure you’ve heard the little slogan, “Jesus is the reason for the season!” Well, it’s true. Christmas isn’t about bells or poinsettias or pretty packages, it’s about Jesus.
Jesus is the ultimate gift from our Heavenly Father to each of us. Salvation. Grace. Love. Wrapped not in decorative paper underneath a tree, but in cloths and lying in a manger. And the best part of that day over two-thousand years ago is that the reason for his birth then is equally as relevant for us today.
Salvation. Eternity.
We can walk through each day WITH Jesus as our guide and companion. He’s here, with no need to distance socially. We need keep no barrier between us. His word, His gift of the Spirit, are active and alive and able to influency and direct our thoughts and our heart toward joy and gratitude and encouragement. We need only set our sights and hearts on Him.
When the child Jesus was taken into Jerusalem shortly after he was born, a man, Simeon, filled with the Holy Spirit and a promise from the Lord, held the child and praised God, proclaiming Jesus, “a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to (the) people Israel.” (Luke 2:32)
We can receive and walk in that light and glory today. And it is because of that light and glory that we can embrace a covid 2020 Christmas and sing carols and deck the halls and shout, “Merry Christmas” from behind a mask, standing at least six-feet apart. Because Christmas is about the gift of the child, Jesus, and the promise of a future and eternity with Him.
Long ago, an angel appeared to the shepherds and proclaimed, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy.” Their message was for all the people. No expiration date. No contingency plan for an epidemic. It was a gift that would truly keep on giving. And as a result, we can experience joy and contentment during this Christmas season, covid notwithstanding. We can offer grace to those around us, express our love and appreciation for others in simple and heartfelt ways, and celebrate the season of Christ’s birth.
So, fill out your greeting cards, hang your stocking, and tie on the pretty ribbons and bows – all with a smile and joy in your heart because you know that Christmas is about Jesus, and nothing more.

Practical application

I will read 1 chapter of the book of Luke each day leading up to Christmas.

I will share the light of Jesus during this covid Christmas by:

*Praying for
____________ about ______________.             ____________ about ______________.             ____________ about ______________.


*Sending Christmas to cards to
__________________            __________________            __________________            __________________            __________________


*When tempted to grumble about covid restrictions, I will instead give thanks for
__________________ and __________________.


*My Christmas 2020 theme song will be   __________________.


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