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July 2, 2018
Myths About Hospice
July 16, 2018
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When you or your loved one is told that they have a life limiting illness or disease, most feel like all hope is lost.  But a way to restore and regain that hope is to seek help and guidance from Hospice. Hospice will be able to always be there to reinforce hope and provide compassionate care.

There are lots of people that say, hospice is a death sentence, but it is opposite of that. Hospice’s primary focus is to ensure relief and comfort of physical symptoms and enjoy what time we have left on this earth.

YOU should be in control of YOUR life. Hospice professionals will make sure to work with you to discover and support your emotional, spiritual, and cultural preferences.They take pride and commit their passion to providing the care that we would expect our loved ones to have onto your family and friends.

Hospice is committed to helping you stay where you feel most comfortable, whether that is in your home or facility. It is quite common having heard that some patients get better and actually live longer than expected with a high quality of life.

Their promise is to keep you informed, communicate with you however you would like, manage your symptoms that cause discomfort, and responding anytime you are in need.It is your choice to decide when your or a loved one may need additional assistance.

Brenton Maltsbarger

Sales Consultant

Hospice Partners of Missouri