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August 18, 2017
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September 1, 2017


 Did you know that right here in our small community of Kearney there are many families who don’t have enough to eat.  There are many reasons for this.  Unemployment is one example.  Layoffs, company downsizing, or a downturn in production may all result in temporary unemployment.  The Kearney Food Pantry is available to provide food and toiletries to these families on a temporary basis until they have employment again.  Then, there are those who are employed and work hard, but their wages are too low to provide all of their needs.  There are senior citizens on fixed incomes that do not receive enough to pay all their bills and purchase food.  There are single Moms with children that need help feeding them properly.  There are those who are disabled and unable to work and the homeless will also find help at the pantry.

In order to qualify for assistance from the Kearney Food Pantry, clients must live in the Kearney school district, as well as provide a picture ID, have social security cards for everyone in the household, show proof of residency, proof of income and proof of expenses.  These qualifications are reviewed every 6 months.

Donations to support the pantry are received from many sources and include funds and supplies.  Local contributors include individuals, businesses, churches, church groups, Scouts, 4-H groups, organizations, schools, children and adult birthday parties, Price Chopper and CVS to name a few.  Monetary donations may be sent directly to KEC Food Pantry, 113 E. Washington St., Kearney, MO 64060.  Did you know that if you save the Best Choice UPC labels off of any Best Choice item and contribute them to the pantry, the pantry will submit the labels for cash?  For every 1,000 labels, the pantry earns $30.00.  This is one very simple and easy way to support the pantry.  If interested, you could become a member and regular contributor through Friends of the Kearney Food Pantry by calling their number at 816-903-4763, email to or visit their website at   Visit their Facebook page for additional information.

In addition to facility operations, supplies and local purchases, funds are used to purchase grocery items from Harvesters – The Community Food Network.   Meat, frozen food and other grocery items may be purchased from Harvesters at a substantially lower cost.  The donated items, locally purchased items and Harvesters purchases are used to stock the pantry each week to meet the needs of those in our community with food insecurities.  Harvesters provides fresh produce and fruit at no cost each week.  Individuals with gardens, local farmers and church gardens also provide fresh produce during the growing season.  One church named their garden The Garden of Eatin’.

It takes approximately 500 volunteer hours per month to keep the pantry operating.  The volunteers perform various tasks, which include:

  • Unloading the Harvesters order each week from the delivery truck
  • Checking the dates on all items
  • Stocking grocery items on the pantry shelves
  • Processing client orders
  • Sacking groceries
  • Taking inventory
  • Checking in clients at the reception desk
  • Clerical tasks
  • Housekeeping

MONEY, GROCERIES  VOLUNTEERS AND PRAYERS keep the Kearney Food Pantry operating.  They believe that NO ONE SHOULD GO HUNGRY!