The New Fountain of Youth: Online Skills That Keep Seniors Healthy & Active

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January 31, 2018
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The New Fountain of Youth: Online Skills That Keep Seniors Healthy & Active

The New Fountain of Youth: Online Skills That Keep Seniors Healthy & Active

They say the way to stay young is to keep the mind and body active and continuously satisfy the thirst for new knowledge. As C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Learning & Communication

The arena of learning and communication has changed considerably as technology and the internet have become more accessible. As the Huffington Post reports, self-directed learning is ever so relevant in a world of technology where adult learners can take their own initiative and acquire new skills, hobbies, and education.

Before getting started in surfing the Web, it might be useful for seniors to take some basic courses to learn computer skills and internet concepts. Websites and resources like Skillful Senior and Eldy that help guide seniors through basic Web skills.


Online Games

Online games provide a great way for seniors to access entertainment and even communicate with friends. These can include online word games. According to The Spruce, there are various options when looking to play fun and classic games online. These can be played against friends over the internet and be done over Facebook or other sites like Other online games include sudoku, chess, and jigsaw puzzles, all of which can help keep the brain active and aid in memory and focus.


New and Exciting Skills

Aside from entertainment and brain games, the internet can be useful in continuing the journey to new and useful knowledge and skills. The limits of self-directed learning are really endless and depend solely on the individual. Many of these skills can range from creative pursuits, cooking, and basic home or car repair.


Online Music Lessons

There are a plethora of sites and online music academies that help people looking to start playing a new musical instrument. Many of these resources include video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and weekly lessons that can be accessed, viewed multiple times, and studied at an individual’s pace. Aside from the fun aspect, there are added benefits to learning a new musical instrument. According to The Telegraph, research suggests that learning a musical instrument, even for people over the age of 65, improves cognitive skills, memory, and focus. Additionally, it has mental health benefits in the form of improved mood, reduced stress, and feelings of well-being. You can take online lessons on the piano, guitar, trumpet, or saxophone, among many others.

If you sign up for online music lessons, you might need a new instrument. Use the internet as a helpful resource to help you find the instrument you’re looking for. For example, when buying an instrument like a saxophone, consider instrument guides that review the different components and advise on good options.


Art and Photography Lessons

Seniors can also go online to learn skills such as painting or photography. With the accessibility of inexpensive cameras or phone cameras, photography is an easily pursued passion of many retirees. They can take pictures of their families as they learn important concepts and photography skills. Painting and drawing skills can also be learned via the internet through online academies.


Online Tutorials

Another aspect of self-directed learning comes in the form of online tutorials. There exist online tutorials on almost any subject and skill. Studies suggest that learning new skills and challenging the mind to new stimulus have proven effects on the aging mind. A senior can learn any number of skills, most of which can be enjoyed with friends and family, including:

  •  Cooking skills or new recipes
  • Quilting or crocheting
  • Online book clubs
  • Hair styling and makeup
  • Basic car repair and maintenance
  • Creative arts and crafts

There is no magic button that stops time, but there is a way to fill it with the joy and satisfaction of learning. The fountain of youth is the internet, combined with curiosity and a desire to learn. To stay young, learn new skills, explore the wonders of technology, and encourage friends to join in on the fun. Remember, it is never too late to dream a new dream, to learn a new passion, or to wonder and explore the mysteries of life.

Photo Credit: Pixabay