The Best Tips for Downsizing to Your Perfect Home in Your Golden Years

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The Best Tips for Downsizing to Your Perfect Home in Your Golden Years

The Best Tips for Downsizing to Your Perfect Home in Your Golden Years

There are many opportunities that await us in our senior years. It’s a chance to explore, learn more about ourselves, and develop our interests. However, when we spend our time cleaning and maintaining our homes, we have less time for those opportunities. You could change that by downsizing to a smaller, more manageable home.

Pick Your Home
Bigger is not always grander, even when it comes to our forever homes. In fact, it may be best to look at properties on the smaller side. Often times, the more unused space we have, the more we buy to fill it — and the larger the home, the more money it costs to run utilities, even if we’re using energy-efficient appliances. With that in mind, single-story properties are frequently the best, particularly as we age. Not only could they be easier on knees and joints, but the less we spend cleaning and maintaining, the greater freedom we have to do things we value.

Of course, you want to do research to ensure that the homes you have your eye on fit within your budget. After all, when downsizing, you want to reduce what you spend, not add to it. In Kearney over the past month, the average price of homes landed at roughly $179,000. It goes without saying that you’ll end up paying more or less depending on the location you choose.

Modify What You Need
Unfortunately, not even the most wonderful property you find will be completely perfect. That means you’ll not only need to modify your new home, but budget for your renovations, too. For instance, consider that remodeling the bathroom can cost around $25,000. Other modifications to think about include grab bars, threshold ramps, and widened doorways. Don’t let the costs scare you off, as each change could make you live safely and comfortably in your new home.

Declutter with Ease
If you’ve decided it’s time to scale back, start with your possessions, as nothing makes a move more difficult than too many belongings. To begin, sort through your wardrobe and ask yourself if each piece of clothing is really necessary. How easy is it to maintain? What do you feel when you wear it, and does it fit? After all, you only need a handful of pieces to have a wardrobe to mix and match from. Similarly, we don’t have to hold on to every knickknack we feel has emotional value, especially if it is kept out of a sense of obligation. When you want the memory but don’t use the item, take a digital picture, and then let it go. Give it to family or friends, or donate to someone who might really need it.

Hold Onto Memories
It really is the memories, not the place or object, that matter the most to us. When moving away, you may feel attached to your property, especially when you raised a family within those walls. If you want to keep that spirit alive, use the same decluttering technique of taking pictures and organizing them into a scrapbook. Pick moments that stand out to you, and then write them down next to pictures of bedrooms, your children’s artwork, or clips of recipes you made every weekend. You could even press flowers from your garden to put next to photographs, as a physical way to look back on fondly or show your grandchildren.

Pack and Move Smoothly
Once your new home has been renovated and is good to go, you’ll be ready to move. That means starting your packing early to ensure you’re not rushed at the end. With that in mind, start by boxing up rooms and things you don’t use often, and then move towards stuff you’ll need regularly. To protect fragile belongings, make sure you stock up on packing supplies such as cushion foam sheets (which you can buy on Amazon for under $10). If you need assistance with packing and moving, research and hire a professional. Read reviews, check licensing, and get different quotes to compare pricing for the best deal.

By making the move to a more perfectly sized home, you can devote yourself to enjoy these wonderful years to come. It may seem overwhelming, but using the above tips can help you along the way. This is your time, after all, and you should live how you choose.


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Article Provided by Michael Longsdon from Elder Freedom: Empower the Elderly