What Freedom Means to Me

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July 1, 2020
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What Freedom Means to Me

What Freedom Means to Me?
By Various Westbrook Residents

Freedom means many things. You can choose your own religion and your own church. You can vote for whom you want. You can go where you want. It’s a great and wonderful feeling. Other countries don’t have this and don’t know what they are missing. – Norm Fields

Freedom for me is the privilege to do the right thing, not only to benefit myself but to benefit others. This is a God-given right. Treat others as you wish to be treated. That is freedom! – Virginia True

I happen to live next door to one who fought for our freedom. It would take a lot of courage to parachute into enemy territory. Thank you, Paul and all the military, for our freedom. “God bless America”. Let’s never lose sight of that. – Judy Graham

To me, freedom means America. It’s what our forefathers left England to find, way back in the 18th century. We have never lived under tyranny, and we take out freedom as a right. It was vital for those early colonists, who felt it was worth fighting and dying for. So, thanks to them. I have freedom to worship my God ins whatever church I chose; I have the freedom to cast my vote at election and so am part of the decision in choosing my country’s leaders; I have the freedom to makes choices – what I read, what I watch on TV, what I listen to; I have the freedom to speak my mind, without fear. Will it always be so? I pray it will because freedom is the most precious gift God could bestow on us as a country, and hopefully our grateful hearts show it. – Alice Strathman

When I was a young man and I started to hear about freedom, my first reaction was “Wow,. when I am grown, I can do what I want to”. Thankfully, I found what freedom meant. I found we had freedom but we had to stay within the law. After reading about freedom, I found it to be better than I expected. There were so many ways to exercise my rights. So freedom gives me many rights; speech, where I live, how I choose to work, what I want to say. It is a wonderful feeling that not many people around the world do not have to call their own. So I love my freedom. – Frank McMurray

FREEDOM! What a wonderful thing. I have been so blessed to enjoy the privileges of freedom in this great country for 93 years. My father almost lost his life fighting for our freedom in the foxholes of France during World War I. I thank God our ancestors fought and dies to ensure our individual rights as citizens of the United States. I’m afraid that as an American by birth I am guilty of assuming that freedom is my right, without realizing my responsibility to help protect it. May we be blessed and allowed to continue to enjoy our freedom to worship as we choose, enjoy free speech, exercise the right to vote, honor our flag, freely travel over our diverse country, have our own piece of land or business, purchase our daily needs unrestricted and love one another regardless of our differences. My sincere hope is that we will not be complacent and allow our freedoms to slip away little by little. May God bless us. – Florence Youngblood

When I consider what freedom means to me, I think of the long hard journey of African-Americans fleeing the inhuman bonds of slavery to become second class- and then first-class citizens. To be sure, the submission and eradication of the indigenous Americans almost to the point of genocide; the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War were powerful and defining experiences in America’s history. But they almost pale in comparison with the ongoing struggle of black Americans to not only survive, but also invent and maintain a cultural identity within the much larger culture. And you don’t have to be black to draw inspiration from artists like Charlie Parker or admire the accomplishments of black athletes like Jesse Owens and Jacqui Robinson. – Keith Snyder