Westbrook Care Center COVID-19  Update 10-22-20

We have been carefully watching the numbers as they have begun to climb in the last couple of weeks. With this in mind, we would like to ask everyone to please not let your guard down during this time! 

We are currently not allowing any visitors at this time and all activities have been suspended.

With the possibility of  having  seasonal flu or COVID -19 in our community, we want everyone to be as prepared as possible.

For this reason, we are asking that families and friends of our Independent Villa Apartment Residents also prepare by creating a “buddy system” that will enable them to check on and speak with their resident daily.  Examples of this may include phone calls, email, FaceTime, etc.  It would be helpful to  ask a friend or neighbor to check in on the days the family is not available.

 To prepare for a possible case of COVID-19/flu, please consider having extra medication on hand for residents  in the event of fever, sore throat or other flu-like symptoms as well as easy-to-eat meals, like soup,  saltine crackers, 7-up and similar.   

If a resident develops a cough or feels ill, it will be very important for the family  to  have a plan in place in advance for which testing site will be best to visit as well as how the resident will be transported to that site.  Please alert our Director of Nursing at 816-628-2222 ext. 4 of the testing and results.