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Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to serving your needs. Every individual has been hand-selected for their skills.

Our Location

Westbrook is located in Kearney MO, just outside of the KC Metro and offers easy access to doctors and highways.

Residential Care

We value your independence, freedom, and privacy. We honor this as we create the perfect home for you.

The Villas

Westbrook offers the experience of independent living with the personal touch of around the clock care.


Our reputation for excellence means Everything to us. Be sure to drop in and hear what others say about us.

Events Calendar

Our residents aren't just customers, they're part of our family. And we like to keep them as active as they want to be.

Westbrook Residents are Family

Our Mission Statement: The Westbrook community is dedicated to the enrichment of life.

Our Core Values:

  • Compassion
  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Flexible
  • Best Assisted Living Facility Award
    Best Apartment Complex Award
    Best Kept Secret Award
    Best Place to Work Award
    Westbrook: An Award Winning Experience
    Westbrook Care Center is an award winning care facility located in Kearney MO, just up the road from Kansas City.

    "Whether you're looking for an independent living experience or something with a little more hands-on care, Westbrook is for you. Since 1995 we have committed ourselves to providing the highest quality care for our residents, along with the cleanest facilities around. Come visit us today..."

    Comfortable Living

    When your loved ones move to Westbrook, they experience more than just a new living arrangement. They discover a sense of belonging as part of a vibrant community of their peers - from teachers, homemakers, grandparents, decorated war veterans, doctors, artists, engineers, and more. They explore new opportunities to learn, grow and participate.

    As the populations continues to grow older, the need for quality senior living continues to grow as well. We will be here for many years to come to meet that need, creating an environment where older people can thrive and have the opportunities and support they need to continue living fulfilling lives.

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    Westbrook Care Center
    401 Platte Clay Way
    Kearney, Missouri 64060

    Our Mission Statement

    The Westbrook Community is Dedicated to the Enrichment of Life.

    Contact Us

    Westbrook Care Center 401 Platte Clay Way Kearney, Missouri 64060

    Located in Kearney, Missouri

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