Westbrook Care Center COVID-19  Update 6-15-20

We are still locked down but we are HEALTHY!!!

As the state of Missouri prepares to enter Phase 2 of reopening tomorrow, we are still awaiting reopening guidelines from the CDC and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

At this time no outside guests may enter the facility for any reason other than extreme emergency.  Visitors are not allowed. There is a phone number posted at all of our entrances for individuals who need to contact staff members inside the building. Therapy and healthcare providers may continue to come in with appropriate screening.

Residents and staff are required to wear masks when in the hallways and common areas and residents are being served their meals in their rooms.

Families are encouraged to drop off items for their loved ones  in the breezeway by our Main Office Entrance.  We will sanitize all items before delivering them to the resident. This includes medication, laundry, groceries, flowers, etc.  Residents may leave items for family members to pick up in the breezeway as well.

We appreciate all the support and cooperation from both families and our residents during this trying time.  We are getting through this together!!