Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Here’s what family members of our residents have to say about the Westbrook Care Center:

“My mom gets everything she needs whenever she needs it. The food is excellent, the place is nice, and they keep it clean.” James Krenkel 5 Star Review

“I could call any time and get an immediate response. The owners, Steve and Amy, would bend over backward to help in any way.” Cynthia Mayberry 5 Star Review

“I am very happy with the experience, we all are. My mom is very happy there and we were so glad that we could move her back in there.” Billie Norden 5 Star Review

“My mom is very happy there. In fact, she always says, We’re so lucky to have a place like this.” Kay Hoy 5 Star Review

“It is a nice facility. I would recommend.” Robert Foreman 5 Star Review

“It’s clean. My mom likes to sit out on her deck and look at the cars. We’re happy with it.” Craig Hamilton 5 Star Review

“Staff was always very friendly and patient, which I consider very important.” Lane Hartel 5 Star Review

“They take really good care of my mom.” Tammy Hudlemeyer 5 Star Review

“We’ve been extremely happy with the care they’ve provided; the folks that run Westbrook are wonderful.” Jim Wright 5 Star Review

“The staff are always very nice and kind to the residents. Steve and Amy are wonderful people and my mom is happy there.” Beth Crowley 5 Star Review

“Everyone there is extremely helpful and always available. They go above and beyond to meet the needs of their residents.” Chuck Self 5 Star Review

“The staff are all so good at being supportive to all members of the family and truly care about the residents. For example, when I had cancer, they went the extra mile to take care of my mom because I wasn’t able to be there as much.” Donna Manz 5 Star Review

“Our experience with Westbook has been great. I would recommend them to anyone. We haven’t had any issues and my mom is comfortable living there.” Carla Maxwell 5 Star Review

“I like that the staff are quick and responsive. Even to the small stuff. I remember one time when we were there visiting dad. A light went out and they fixed it right away.” Lisa-Marie Forcier 5 Star Review

“I would definitely recommend Westbrook to my friends and family. The help they provide and the way they treat the residents is what I like most.” Kent Youngblood 5 Star Review

“The management team at Westbrook always takes the time to talk to you and tell you what was going on with your loved one. They are very thorough and they truly care.” Laurie Daugherty 5 Star Review

“The staff really make the whole organization at Westbrook They really excel with the socialization and activities and they took care of everyone. You can tell that it’s more than just a job to them.” Becky Ward 5 Star Review

“I like that Westbrook is clean, my mom likes and compliments the food, and the residents all seem to be friendly. She is very pleased which is also great for us!” Charlotte Duane 5 Star Review

“Westbrook provides a safe and comfortable environment, and they are very caring and interested in their residents.” Colleen Kennedy 5 Star Review

“They’re all just wonderful people. I have recommended Westbrook many times to family and friends.” Earl Heflin 5 Star Review

“My mom feels very safe there. She has the pull cords and people nearby if anything should happen. Also, her health has improved a lot since she’s been there. She used to go to the hospital every 6 weeks for malnutrition and dehydration, but since she has been at Westbrook, she hasn’t gone once. Between the food, exercise, and social activities, it’s all had a really positive effect on her health.” Donna Jacques 5 Star Review

“It’s a very home-like environment. The apartments feel like you’re in a home. It’s warm and everyone seems to be attentive to each other, both staff and residents. Definitely a more comfortable and homey environment than any other facility I know.” Debra Ellington 5 Star Review

“It was positive and reassuring to know that she was in good hands. Dana in particular was very attentive to my mom, knew her well, and if my mom’s dementia seemed out of line, Dana knew what might be triggering it and she always right on.” Tina Little 5 Star Review

“I really like Westbrook’s progressive care capabilities. If my mom needs more extensive care in the future, there is that option. That’s very appealing to us because we wouldn’t need to move her elsewhere if that situation did arise.” Ken McAlpin 5 Star Review

“We’ve been very, very happy. It’s given mom a place to be that’s close to us. She likes living there, she likes the people, and it’s really a great place. For me the best part is how much the people care about the people that live there.” Rick McMaster 5 Star Review

“The staff at Westbrook always goes out of their way. Steve and Amy are great. Steve has always been so accommodating. It’s not about the money for them. They are a special bunch up there.” Gary Glauser 5 Star Review

“I highly recommend the Westbrook Care Center. I have friends 4 friends that live there currently. It’s a wonderful place. They have outside patios that residents can retreat to, which is nice. We’ve been very fortunate to have Westbrook in the Kearney community. It’s close to doctors, the library, bank – very centralized.” Peggy Jones 5 Star Review

“Our overall experience has been very positive. When we moved my mom and dad there, there was a lot of anxiety for all of the family and for my parents, but the whole staff at Westbrook helped with the transition and helped them feel at home.” Rolland Yoakum 5 Star Review

“The thing I like most about Westbrook is the way they help the residents interact with each other, and when there is interaction with the staff they are always very kind to them. The staff looks out for the best interest of the residents.” Alice Renollet 5 Star Review

“They are absolutely wonderful: easy to deal with, friendly, great staff, and they take excellent care of my grandma.” Renea Spires 5 Star Review

“I’m very pleased with the activities that my dad can participate in. He cannot drive, but he can get out and participate in choir and bible studies, etc.” Lisa McMurray 5 Star Review

“Our experience with Westbrook has been really good. They are very good about answering questions. We’ve never had a problem there.” Terry Evans 5 Star Review

“Everyone at Westbrook is really good. My aunt has dementia, and all the staff on the Assisted Living team know how to handle her.” Cheryl Thompson 5 Star Review

“The atmosphere at Westbrook is warm and caring. I would definitely give it a 5 out of 5 rating!” Kay Shepherd 5 Star Review

“I really appreciate how Terri goes all out in cleaning my room, like oils all my woodwork including furniture. And you never walk out of that dining room hungry! I would recommend Westbrook to family and friends.” Russell Lowery 5 Star Review

“My cousin has a very nice villa unit. She can get out on the patio and spend time outside.” Diane Decker 5 Star Review

“I love the facility but the staff is what I like the most. They are all really great. Everyone on the staff goes above and beyond.” Debbie Doak 5 Star Review

“Westbrook has their services down to a science. Gene could not rave enough about the food! He really loved their food.” Sandy Cozad 5 Star Review

“Staff has always taken care of things quickly and in a very personable manner.” Doris Muiller 5 Star Review

“Everyone at Westbrook is very personable and caring – always going out of their way to help!” Diane Whitaker 5 Star Review

“I love that Westbrook is easily accessible for residents and visitors to get around. My mom really loves it there!” Dianne LaBella 5 Star Review

“They’re always on top of everything and more than willing to go above and beyond.” Ken Maples 5 Star Review

“It’s a safe place for my father. My experience has been very good.” Laura Sells 5 Star Review

“When I call, the staff is always very helpful. I like the fact that Westbrook is very clean and well-kept.” Cheri Clark 5 Star Review

“Westbrook is convenient. Everything my dad needs is close by: grocery store, pharmacy, etc. I think they are doing a really good job.” Jeff Anderson 5 Star Review

“Wouldn’t even think of looking anywhere else after this experience. I’m happy with everything at Westbrook.” Bill Burris 5 Star Review

“They go out of their way to help my dad. There is always someone there to help. He’s very happy there and they seem to be happy to have him there.” Michael Davis 5 Star Review

“I love the staff at Westbrook. I’ve never had a question, problem or situation where they haven’t gone above and beyond to help.” Helen Diklich 5 Star Review

“Our overall experience at Westbrook has been fantastic. Everyone there is very loving.” Melinda Vajdic 5 Star Review

“The whole staff goes above and beyond. I couldn’t be any more pleased with where my mom is. Everyone is great. They take care of her like she’s their own mother.” Kurt Dysart 5 Star Review

“I’ve been very pleased.I like that the staff is very caring for each of the patients and make both patients and visitors feel very at home and comfortable.” Rita Miller 5 Star Review

“The staff at Westbrook Care Center are very personable and caring… going out of their way to always help!” Diane Whitaker 5 Star Review

“Westbrook meets, and often exceeds, the needs of their residents.” Linda Hill 5 Star Review

“I like that the staff is very caring for each of the patients and make both patients and visitors feel very at home and comfortable.” Rita Miller 5 Star Review

“There are always people on premises, they keep an eye on my dad, they know him very well, and they know how to work with him. I appreciate everything about Westbrook Care Center.” Michael Davis 5 Star Review

“Everyone at Westbrook Care Center has been great. I could not be happier with all they have done for us as a family. They never fail to provide a safe and comfortable environment to those who they care for. Very pleased overall.” Janice Lopez 5 Star Review

“I have always felt that it is a safe and comfortable place at Westbrook Care Center. I am very happy with all that they offer. They have many different activities that I think are great.” Travis Henry 5 Star Review

“I could not be more impressed with Westbrook Care Center. The staff are excellent and always caring, helpful, and friendly. I have no complaints what so ever. They are great all around.” Kyle Hawkin 5 Star Review

“Everyone is so helpful at Westbrook Care Center. They are always available whenever my mom or myself need anything. I would recommend their services to anyone in the area needing them.” Gina Maria 5 Star Review

“I highly recommend Westbrook Care Center. The staff are excellent and truly care about their residents. My grandmother is currently here and seems very happy. They have been able to meet her needs and are always very kind and helpful.” Jessica M 5 Star Review

“The staff at Westbrook Care Center met all of our expectations and was able to meet all of my mother’s needs. They did a very good job all around and my mom was able to meet a lot of friends.” Domenic Ayers 5 Star Review

“My mother loves being at Westbrook. They have a lot of activities for residents. The rooms are very large and comfortable. The staff is friendly and attentive so I believe that the residents’ safety is of their utmost concern.” Kendall Irwin 5 Star Review

“I always tell my friends how good Westbrook Care Center was to me and my family. The service is excellent and the overall atmosphere is great for everyone.” Cameron Morton 5 Star Review

“Westbrook Care Center has been great for my family. They are very available and always positive! My in-laws have loved the afternoon activities they provide, it’s such a good place for them. I definitely recommend them.” Troy Gregory 5 Star Review

“The owners of Westbrook Care Center really genuinely care about what they are doing and the people living here. It is a good and safe place.” Cathy Schneider 5 Star Review

“I feel as if Westbrook Care Center provides a perfect safe environment for my mother. They make sure she is comfortable and are always available whenever she needs them.” Margaret Evans 5 Star Review

“I really love how Westbrook Care Center is always trying to meet each need of everyone in the facility. April herself, has helped us out tremendously trying to make every arrangement perfect.” James Lantek 5 Star Review

“My mother loves it here- the rooms are very large and comfortable. All the staff we have come in contact with are very friendly and accommodating. I recommend Westbrook Care Center all the time!” Stanley Brooks 5 Star Review

“Westbrook has provided our family with a sense of calming and confidence knowing our loved one is in great hands. The staff are compassionate, fun, and loving.” Chris Wolk 5 Star Review

“Everyone at Westbrook Care Center did a very good job. The staff was on top of everything and if anything ever came up with my mom they would call me right away.” Travis Colon 5 Star Review

“My mother enjoys the activities and staff. She’s always on the go and loves meeting new people. There’s nothing that we would change about Westbrook, it’s been perfect for my mom.” Adam DiNapoli 5 Star Review

“My mother has been living at Westbrook Care Center for about two years now, and she is very happy. It makes us happy to know that she is well taken care of. We were not able to give her the specialized attention and constant care that she needed, so we turned to Westbrook Care Center. She has made tons of friends and is always on the go to some activity! We absolutely love it there!” Mol Carzy 5 Star Review

“They’re all very caring, attentive, and they always make sure everything the residents need is taken care of. It’s a wonderful environment with exceptional people.” Jody Dunn 5 Star Review

“During the time my mother spent at Westbrook Care Center, she was very happy there. I cannot remember specific names, but she became very close to many staff members. I know that she was safe there, and that was truly all that matters to me. I would definitely recommend them.” Jane Walsh 5 Star Review

“I could go on forever about how wonderful Westbrook was to not only my mother, but to our family as well. They put our mind at ease, and we knew we didn’t have to worry. We loved the staff, as did our mother.” Joan Pierce 5 Star Review

“It is very hard to adjust for my mother to adjust to a new living situation, since residing in her home for over 50 years. The staff at Westbook have done a phenomenal job, and we are very pleased.” Mark Conroe 5 Star Review

“There are too many people that stand out to me from here. They’re all so wonderful to the residents and have really been amazing to my mom. I’m very happy with the care and everything here.” Nicole Cordero 5 Star Review

“I have recommended them to several people looking for elderly care. My dad is always in good hands here, they’re great about everything and provide a safe environment.” Cheryl Thomsen 5 Star Review

“I trust the care at Westbrook Care Center. My mother feels safe here. and its a nice facility.” Cameron Price 5 Star Review

“I would be happy to recommend this company. They’re professional, caring, and sincere. Their help is very appreciated.” Brenda Olena 5 Star Review

“Westbrook Care Center is a fine place. It’s clean, my mother feels safe, and the food is good. What more can you ask for?” Chelsea H 5 Star Review

“This is a clean and home like atmosphere, and there’s always someone available no matter what time it is. They cater to the specific needs of your loved one and provide them individualized care and attention.” Lynn Jackson 5 Star Review

“Everything and everyone here are all great. It’s been a great experience for my dad and I don’t think either of us would change a thing.” Terry Sheldon 5 Star Review

“The team is great. They’re constantly going out of their way to make everyone they’re in contact with feel comfortable and cared for.” Beth Harp 5 Star Review

“April has been such an amazing help. She’s always available if we need anything or have any questions.” Melissa Carter 5 Star Review

“The nurses are all wonderful and the rooms are very home-like, they make the residents stay pleasant.” Helen Loswell 5 Star Review

“Best in the Northland for sure!” Barb DeJules 5 Star Review