How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens – Part 1

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January 16, 2019
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February 6, 2019
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How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens – Part 1

How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens – Part 1
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Usage of smart, internet-connected devices is becoming the norm amongst people of all ages—even seniors.

For the elderly, advanced technology and high-tech devices make daily tasks easier and can enhance quality of life. With technology, seniors have the tools and assistance to be more independent.

OF SENIORS AGED 65 AND OLDER… 91% use the internet every day via smart phones. 32% own a tablet. And 65% say they feel somewhat or very confident using electronics. 91%

VIDEO CHATTING – Advances in technology now allow individuals to communicate effectively with their loved ones wherever they may be. Facetime and Skype have shaped the way we communicate with family and friends. Advancing camera capabilities, smartphone and tablet apps, and user-friendly access make it easier for seniors to maintain contact. Video chatting is a great way to foster social connection among seniors who may not have as many opportunities to talk to others. Continued social interaction with friends and family members could also help seniors with mental and cognitive health.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Believe it or not, many seniors have active social media accounts. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter help seniors keep in touch with their children, grandchildren and friends. For caregivers and family members, social media is also a great way to keep tabs on how elderly family members are faring. With the growing popularity of live videos and social media “stories,” family members can get real-time updates on what their elders are up to, as well as insights into any health and wellness issues. 69% of adults 65+ have or use social media accounts.

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