Is Westbrook for You?

Is Westbrook for You?

Many senior adults and their loved ones choose Westbrook because we value the self-reliance and self-respect of residents while offering affordable services in a home-like environment.

Residential Care

A residential care facility is a unique blend of personalized care and housing designed to enable seniors requiring assistance with the tasks of daily living age gracefully in a comfortable home-like environment. Care is provided every hours of every day, and in such a way that fosters independence, freedom, dignity, and respect for all of our residents. We also welcome the support of our residents family members, friends, and neighbors.

Our Care Philosophy

• Treat each resident with dignity and respect
• Promote the individuality of each resident
• Protect each resident’s right to privacy
• Foster independence for each resident
• Nurture the spirit of each resident
• Provide a safe, residential environment
• Offer cost-effective quality care that is personalized for individual needs
• Make the Residential Care residence a valuable community asset

Who is Residential Care for?

Residential care can be provided for anyone who requires the care and assistance of others to fulfill their daily living needs. These daily needs can consist of bathing, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping, and more. Often times seniors look forward to the comfort of others around them when they no longer feel safe in their homes.

Is Residential Care different from other Forms of Senior Living?

Residential care fills a unique need in that it bridges that gap between restrictive care facilities that control every aspect of living over the freedom and independence of living at home. A core aspect of this type of care is the personal and individualized attention that is given to residents who find themselves needing help with the tasks of daily living or who need assistance dealing the medications.