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July 26, 2018
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More Myths

The medical field nowadays is full of many misconceptions and opinions that can greatly affect someone’s decision making regarding care to loved ones. Below are a few more myths and misconceptions that are very common today:

Myth: Once a patient chooses hospice, he or she can no longer receive care from their primary physician?

Fact: Hospice works closely with the patient’s primary care physician as a member of the hospice team. The patient can continue to see their primary care physician.

Myth: Hospice doesn’t allow caregivers to be involved in treatment decisions?

Fact: Hospice puts patients and families at the center of care. Trained professionals provide guidance and encourage open, honest communication about individual wishes and choices. Hospice seeks to empower caregivers with information, so that they can be an active part of the process.

Brent Maltsbarger

Hospice Partners Consultant